More Savings, More Road

Engineered to have low rolling resistance, Ecopia tyres travel further on lesser fuel

combining performance & safety excellence with fuel economy & efficiency

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Bridgestone Ecopia EP150

Bridgestone Ecopia EP150

The EP150 is a product of precision and industry-leading Bridgestone technologies, allowing you to drive green without any compromise on safety and durability. With its new tread design, the EP150 rolls more efficiently with improved RRC, cutting down on CO2 emissions and saving on fuel and money all at the same time.

Performance Summary Diagram

Dry Handling 6
Wet Handling 6
Silence 6
Comfort 6
Wear Life 9
Fuel Efficiency (RRC) 9

Tyre Sizes

16 205/65R16 095V  
  205/55R16 091V  
  205/50R16 087H  
  215/60R16 095H XL
15 175/65R15 084H  
  175/60R15 081H  
  185/65R15 088H  
  185/60R15 084H  
  185/60R15 084V  
  195/65R15 091V  
  195/65R15 091H  
  195/60R15 088H  
14 165/70R14 081H  
  165/65R14 075S  
  175/80R14 088T  
  175/70R14 084H  
  175/65R14 082H  
  185/80R14 091S  
  185/70R14 088H  
13 165/80R13 083S  
  165/70R13 079S  
  175/70R13 082H  
  175/70R13 082S  
12 155/80R12 077S  
  155/70R12 073S